Spirits Department

The buyers at Julio's liquors have assembled one of the largest and most diverse spirits collection in all of New England. We stock everything from single malt scotches, to Italian digestivos. While our spirits selection is huge we can not carry everything, so we specialize in special orders. In fact, our motto is, "if it is available to us, it is available to you". How big is our liquor selection?
  • Over 130 types of vodka
  • A whole aisle devoted to rum - over 100!
  • 150 single malt scotches
  • One of the biggest tequila selections in New England (90 choices)
  • Our bourbon selection contains over 70 brands
The team at Julio's is passionate about the spirits we sell. Many of us take vacations around trade shows so we can keep up with new brands and find importers to bring in liquors our customers are seeking. In fact, several of us make a pilgrimage in early fall to Kentucky to buy specially selected barrels of bourbon only available at Julio's. Here at Julio's we strive to keep current with the rapidly changing liquor trends. So, not only will you find many of your old favorites, but new tastes as well. Everyone at Julio's is proud that we offer such a wide and eclectic selection of fine spirits to our customers, so please feel free to call or stop in any time with questions you have. Remember, we are a resource for you.


Visit Julio's  Loch & Key Whisk(e)y Society At Julio's Liquors we stand by "if it is available to us, it is available to you."You can request a special order from the Spirits department!
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