Happy Customers

What a great store.
I kept hearing about the store on the radio and finally I was able to shop there. I was looking for one more perfect gift. I bought a fantastic bottle of champagne for my daughter and boyfriend and had it engraved with their names and date. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results. I wanted to tip the engraver but he would not accept any money. As with all the employees, everyone was very nice and wanted to help me every step of the way. My daughter lives in Manhattan and I was able to find a lovely bottle of Manhattan Whiskey. What a treat. I work at TJX in Marlboro and will sing your praises every chance I get. Thank you and congratulations on making everyone’s day a little brighter

PS: I love the wine tasting also. The 60 points were perfect.

There is nothing you won’t find here!
Julio’s is one of the best places to shop for liquor, beer & wine. They have a tremendous variety – there is nothing you won’t find or they won’t get you!
A great place to get gifts – their wine inventory is second to none.
The staff treats you like family and everyone is always very helpful.
They have awesome wine tastings and beer events several times a year.

One of the better finds in New England
We moved to New England a year back and was kind of turned off by the lack of speciality stores. Julios is an exception. Nice setting, excellent international choice of wine and spirits and a great cigar section. If you are an immigrant, a must visit for the nostalgic reasons. Great prices too.

The Best in Metrowest
There may be one or two places inside of 128 that match up, but out here in the 495 belt you’d be hard-pressed to find another liquor store that offers anywhere near as much as Julio’s. The beer selection is superb, the wine selection also excellent. They also offer regular beer and wine and spirit-related events that pull in aficionados from all over the area. If you’re looking for something other than the mass market brands, this should be definitely be on your short list.

The best decision I ever made! Wow they really are more than a liquor store wine selection was huge. I found bourbon that I could not find any where else. forget everyone else! this is the place to go!

I live in NH so I am unable to get a lot of the beers they carry at Julios and made a special trip (it’s about an hour away). I was not disappointed at all in the selection or the service. The manager was there and he was very helpful and knowledgeable. I got some Troeg Nugget Nectar that was on special and some stuff from western brewers that I really enjoyed, including Prohibition, Great Divide, North Coast and I got some Founders as well. The staff even gave some tips on when to call back and stop in for limited release beers, which made me feel welcome. I will definitely be going back in the near future to stock up.

Wall-to-wall-to-wall beer!
My head was spinning because I got there at 5:20 on a Sunday evening. Tons of bombers, American, Belgian, German, so many styles to choose from. Well-placed, some refrigerated, some not. The prices I hardly got to look at, but I had a ball in this place and after the storm, I did pretty well compared to most stores I’ve been to. I stocked up because I live an hour away from this store and knew I wouldn’t be back soon. Mix-a-six available and plenty of specials on beers were spread across the floor. Seeing what I saw, I will certainly be making a trip back in the near future if they update their page often enough.
Great job, wish you were closer to me!!!

Julio’s is bomb.  For beer, it’s way better than any place in or around Boston.  They have a selection that is unparalleled.  The boy is a snob of epic proportions when it comes to beer, and Julio’s is his happy place.  It doesn’t matter that we have to drive over an hour to get there, because he would drive much further for a store of this magnitude.
If you’re not much into beer, don’t fret – Julio’s also has a wide variety of wines, liquors, and foods.  They have locally-made chocolate truffles (which always look amazing) and they even carry my favorite olives, from the Santa Barbara Olive Company (yes, Whole Foods sells them too, but they don’t have nearly the selection of them that Julio’s offers).  The prices of most things are quite reasonable and the service is always fantastic.

You know that feeling I had at Charles St liquors a few weeks back in Beacon Hill? Well I got it again when I stepped into Julio’s. The sun came out from behind the clouds and the Beethoven’s Ode to Joy played. It was pretty cool.

This is without a doubt the best liquor/wine/beer shop I have ever set foot in. I told the misses I would meet up with her later as I searched for a place to start. I started with wines just to get it out of the way. I love california zins and they had a bunch, including almost a dozen different select vineyard specific Ravenswoods. One of the friendly staff came over and helped me navigate their selection. She knew alot about zins and when I mentioned R wines StrongArm shiraz she said they just got a case in that hadn’t been put out yet and she found the box and asked if I had seen the new label. Wow!

So once I got the cart to get this liquor run started, I moved to the liquors. There was one whole side of an aisle dedicated to tequila. I quickly whipped out a list of tequilas I’ve been searching for and started searching. They didn’t have everything I was looking for, but they had a much better selection than any place I’ve been to date. I picked up a fine Blanco Chinaco and had to hold back on the Del Maguey Mezcal which was a bit outside my price range.

On to beers! They definitely focus on microbrews here. Dogfish, Rogue, Stone, Ommegang, probably the largest selection of Belgiums I’ve ever seen.. Lots and lots of big bottles (16oz+). There wasn’t much I couldn’t find here but there are better places for beer. They have a great discount for mix and match bottles.. “Honey, it’s much cheaper if we get at least a dozen bottles.” I know it’s only 6.. shhhh!

I’m already planning my next trip. 🙂

Julio’s is MY spot for some of the best things in my house and now I get to use this amazing Wine Saver Pro…Many heartfelt thanks, it will be appreciated and used!