5 Red Wines for Thanksgiving You May Not Know About

Thanksgiving goes rogue, I mean rouge! – Adventurous red grapes to enhance your holiday meal. That’s right, Reds work just as well to play with a Thanksgiving meal. Here are 5 that will enhance all the flavors on the table!  

Brack Mountain Winery “Fable” – Russian River Valley PINOT MEUNIER (*Limited supply) There is nothing quite like this wine, light bodied with a nose reminiscent of fall spices, toasted pumpkin seeds and orange citrus.  The citrus notes carry on the palate with dried orange peel, blood orange and distinctive aperol/amaro notes. Unusual and perplexing. and absolutely delicious. CLICK TO PURCHASE

Raul Perez “Ultreia” Saint Jacques – Bierzo MENCIA from the king of natural winemaking and minimalist intervention.  You can taste the crushed stone minerality in this absolutely stunning wine.  Medium bodied with layer upon layer of complexity.  This wine over delivers and will shine on your table and explode from your glass. CLICK TO PURCHASE

Couleurs du Breuil “Le Groulleau” – Loire Valley GROULLEAU NOIR crafted organically this is a characterful wine that tells an Old World tale and speaks to the wine drinker who likes terroir notes, underbrush, and savory spice notes especially white pepper. CLICK TO PURCHASE

Chateau L’Etoile Cotes-du- Jura – Jura TROUSSEAU an elegant and exquisite wine from the Jura region of France.  Extremely light bodied and delicate on the palate but the flavor is profound and stunning.  Trousseau is a touch lighter on the palate than Pinot Noir, almost pours like a hearty rose. wines from the Jura are so lovely, highly suggest seeking them out.  Perfect with everything Thanksgiving. CLICK  TO PURCHASE

A Los Vinateros “Bravos” Volcanico – Itata Valley PAIS grown in a wine region of Chile that is Phylloxera free, Pais is an ancient grape brought to South America in the late 16th Century.  This wine comes from very old vines, over 100 years, grown on volcanic soil.  Light bodied, mineral driven, delicate underbrush, wild grass, red berries characterize this wine. CLICK TO PURCHASE

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