Malt of the Moment: Ardbeg Ten

Malt of the Moment: Ardbeg Ten
By Ryan Maloney: Owner of Julio’s Liquors

Often hyped in its ads as “big and untamed”, this little beauty has been one of the most popular expressions of whisky from Islay for years. Ardbeg Ten is a non chilled filtered 92 proof (46% abv) 10 year old whisky that is deceptively cleaver as you pour it into your glass.

It is pale in color, straw to almost clear, and you might be thinking that there will be little flavor coming from this light whisky. Then all of a sudden your nose will flare and become engulfed in the smoke that made Islay famous. The aromas coming off this whisky, however, are not one dimensional. 

Yes, there is the smoke, but there also is the earthiness of the peat and whiffs of salty beach air. As you taste this whiskey, the smoke, peat and salt air mix and an almost bacon-y (if that’s not a word, it should be) flavor emerges. Those first favors are followed by citrus and then a definite sweetness. The whisky finishes warm with both the smoke and the sweetness lingering. Is this whisky for everyone? Probably not, but sooner or later it will make its way into your collection because it must be experienced!

Whiskyjourneyman Rating: 90 points in $40-$60 range

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Photo Credit: Scott Erskine Erb Photography

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