Bottle Half Full: Crafty Wine Cork Uses

Craft Wine Cork Uses
Let’s keep the cork suit designing to the professionals.

You may have seen our recent Facebook post about wine cork projects. There are hundreds of great wine cork projects floating around on the Internet. Some challenging, some not so much.

Whether you are interested in creating something spectacular or simply can’t bring yourself to toss the corks, there is a project for everyone. Here we will countdown our top five favorite (and simple) wine cork projects that you can easily do at home.

#5 – Candles: We love cork candles because they are simple to make and look great. Place your extra corks in a glass jar of acetone alcohol and let them soak for one week. After a week, place the cork in a glass jar or on a plate and light one end. Voilà! You now have a cork candle. Keep in mind that acetone fumes can be pretty harmful, so we recommend using these little guys outside.

#4 – Plant Markers: Drill a hole in one end of the wine cork. Insert a bamboo skewer or wooden dowel, and write a plant name on the cork in permanent marker. Stick it in the dirt, and never again confuse your parsley and cilantro.

#3 – Candle Votive: Place a candle within a glass jar. Place that glass jar within a larger jar, so that the space between the two jars is about an inch or two. Fill the empty space with old corks and marvel at how crafty you have become.

#2 – Refrigerator Magnets: Spruce up your fridge in no time! Simply cut the corks in half lengthwise, and stick small craft magnets to the back. To keep the corks from crumbling when you cut them, soak them in water for a few minutes before making the cut.

#1 – Journaling: When you find yourself with a new wine cork, write the date, location, and the people you were with on the cork in permanent marker. Over time, fill up a bowl with wine corks and enjoy a spirituous… er, sentimental walk down memory lane.

Use these tips to incorporate your love of wine seamlessly into other aspects of your life. For more tips and tricks regarding wine, contact Julio’s Liquors in Westborough, MA. We will help you select the perfect cork to pop!

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