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Easy Drinking Italian Wines

Italian Whites Dipinti (Pinot Grigio) Friuli, Italy $8.98 Palazzone ‘Vignarco’ (Procanico/Grechetto) Umbria, Italy $9.98 Castelvecchio Bianca (Trebbiano) Tuscany, Italy $10.98 Terlato (Pinot Grigio) Friuli, Italy $14.98 Araldica Gavi (Cortese)

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New Beers December 2020

Cambridge Brewing Co. Benevolence Brewed with barley malt, aged hops, Belgian candi sugar and black raisins then fermented with a mixed culture in stainless steel. From

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Ice Wine

When healthy wine grapes freeze on the vine, their sugar content and flavor profiles are intensified and can be made into delicious dessert wines.  Leaving

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