Flavoring Vodka

Vodka is a traditional Russian liquor that is high in alcohol content and essentially flavorless. Russians add flavors and colors to their vodka at home by steeping various herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the clear liquid. Although many companies worldwide manufacture flavored vodkas, it is still possible to create your own flavored vodka. Choose a flavor that you enjoy.  Try an herb such as tarragon or a fruit such as an orange. Add your preferred ingredient to a bottle of unflavored, store-bought vodka. Close the bottle, and let the mixture sit for a week or two to allow the flavor and color to permeate the liquor. Strain out solids, chill, and use for shots or your favorite vodka-based cocktail.

Citrus and vanilla vodkas are the most popular, but if you’re loyal to a vodka brand or two, you should have no trouble finding a premium vodka in the flavor you’re looking for. With a wide variety of fine wines, spirits, beer, and tobacco, JULIO’S LIQUORS also has many other unique items that set us apart from the average liquor store. Our beer department contains one of the largest selections of microbrews, domestics, imports, Belgians and Trappist beers, totaling over 1000 beers in stock! For more information, please call 508-366-1942, or visit at 140 Turnpike Rd., Rt. 9 East.

HINT: Vodka can be substituted in any cocktail that is usually made with gin.

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