History of the Red Solo Cup

If you’ve ever attended a party where drinking was involved, you have probably sipped an alcoholic drink out of a red Solo cup.

Even before Toby Keith wrote an ode to this staple beverage container, the red Solo cup possessed a solid a reputation for being THE party cup. Some college dorms have even banned use of the red Solo cup due to its infamy.

One may wonder where exactly did the red Solo cup came from. How did it become so popular? We answer all of your questions about the history of the red Solo cup below.

History of the Red Solo Cup: The Company

Solo got its start in the 1940s when they established the first ever Solo cup, made of paper and shaped like an ice cream cone. It was known for containing fountain drinks at drive-in movie theaters.

The first ever red Solo cup was released during the 1970s. While Solo went on to create many different other types of cups, the red Solo cup remained the same. It was not until 2009 that the red Solo cup was introduced with a new, square bottom, which many have said assists this popular beer pong cup in standing sturdily.

History of the Red Solo Cup: The Social Ritual

It is no question that the red Solo cup is a shining example of the social experience. Since parties are, by nature, an extremely social occurrence, it is only fitting that icons be selected so that others can recognize each other by what they hold in their hand. The red Solo cup represents a willingness to conform and partake in ritual. Using a red Solo cup is an indicator that one belongs to said group of partygoers, since everyone else is carrying around the same thing. The red Solo cup also acts like the great equalizer. Everyone accessing a keg receives the same amount of beer, since all Solo cups are the same size. Beer in general has been studied as a social beverage which is in turn consumed in accord to social code. The red Solo cup has become such a popular container for the sole reason that everyone continues to use it.

History of the Red Solo Cup: Managing Portions

This lesser known fact about the Solo cup might actually come in handy for future gatherings. The red Solo cup was carefully crafted for consumers to measure their alcohol. The first ring near the bottom of the cup indicates the measurement of a shot (1.5 ounces) of liquor when poured into the cup. The second line displays the amount of wine in a single serving (5 ounces). (This line has been eliminated in the most recent, squared-bottom design of the cup. We think this might have something to do with the infrequency of wine drinkers choosing to use plastic red cups.) The third line from the bottom holds a serving of beer (12 ounces). This allows partygoers to drink more responsibly, since they can keep track of the number of servings that they are consuming.

Now that you know the history of the red Solo cup, you may want to purchase some for your next party. Julio’s Liquors in Westborough, MA has all of the drinking tools that you may require, and more! Plus, with a wide selection of beers, wine, and spirits, the possibilities for filling those red Solo cups are endless. Please visit us at our storefront on Route 9 in Westborough.

Were you surprised by any portion of the history of the red Solo cup?

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