An ancient Norse toasting phrase, ves heill, which basically meant “be well,” evolved into the name of a beer and wine concoction known as Wassail.

This blend is usually prepared as a welcoming drink to be served at holiday gatherings. It is well-suited for any large, lively, celebratory get-togethers. The authentic version of Wassail that was served centuries ago calls for 6 pints of beer or ale, ¼ pound of sugar, 8 ounces of sherry, grated nutmeg, and ginger.

These ingredients are mixed together in a punch or Wassail bowl and left to stand for several hours to allow flavors to blend. When guests arrive, each one is served some Wassail in a punch cup or wine glass.

HINT: There are many variations of Wassail recipes. Find a recipe that uses ingredients that you like.

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