Padron 1926 and Other Rare Cigars

There are good cigars, and then there are those hard to find, incredibly flavorful cigars that are treated as almost a legend for generations. Some of the best are also the hardest to get a hold of. The famous Padron series is one of those, as are La Aurora Preferdos, and the Opus X line. What are these legendary cigars, what makes them great, and how can you get a hold of them?

The Padron 1926 Series

The 1926 series was created in 2002 to celebrate Jose Padron’s 75th birthday. The name of the cigar marks the year Padron’s birth. All the tobacco which is used in this line is aged for a full five years cased in sun-grown natural wraps made of either Habano natural or Maduro. The refined tobacco is mixed to perfection. Each cigar is box pressed and comes with a double band and is individually numbered 6 digit label, guaranteeing its quality and flavor.

The Padron 1964 Series

The 1964 line debuted in 1964 (surprise!) to commemorate the company’s 30th year in business. These cigars are made purely from Nicaraguan-grown tobacco and contain a similar natural wrap and 6 digit guarantee as the 1926 series. Production of both series is limited to ensure a high level of quality and authenticity. The Padron 1926 and 1964 series are known not only as some of the world’s most exceptional cigars, but also as some of the hardest to get.

La Aurora Preferidos

First made in the Dominican Republic in 1903, the La Aurora Preferidos is the first of the Dominican tradition in cigar making. The smooth wrapper, the hint of coffee beans, the cedar taste and the spicy finish make this a flavorful, yet balanced smoke. It is often noted that the aroma from the La Aurora Preferidos is on the consumers’ favorites. Preferidos are rolled in limited amounts to ensure the quality of the brand.

The Opus X Line

Carlos Fuente Jr. has been on a mission to disprove naysayers who have claimed that exceptional wrappers couldn’t be grown in the Dominican Republic. He has accomplished that mission. The Opus X line debuted in 1995 and immediate sold out. The cigars could rarely make it to the stores humidifier before being snatched up by cigar aficionados. Over the past 20 years, the full bodied smoke, the leathery kick, the spiciness, and the hint of oak wood have remained a top choice of cigar enthusiasts, making them often hard to find.

Where Can You Find These Rare Cigars

Many second rate cigar shops will feature a good selection of more common, lower quality cigar choices. To ensure you have access to the best cigars in the world, make sure to find a true smoke shop. Julio’s Liquors in Westborough, MA is the home of one of the area’s finest smoke shops. We have access to the Padron series, as well as the La Aurora Preferidos, and the Opus X lines. If you are a cigar aficionado, you will not be disappointed.

In addition to some of the world’s rarest cigars, Julio’s Liquors is the home to an excellent selection of beers, wines, spices, and exotic foods. Contact our knowledgeable staff with any questions regarding our wide range of product. You will find our staff to not only be experts, but helpful and easy to get along with.

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