Portfolio Wine Tasting Preview

Ooh are we excited! On Friday, December 5, 2015 Julio’s Liquors will be having a Portfolio Wine Tasting event. So many great wineries will be bringing their best to Julio’s for your pleasure. This event will include wine from 90+, Humoldt, Charles River Wine Company, Ideal Wine & Spirits, and many more. So, without further ado, let’s learn about some of the great people that will bring their wines to Julio’s on December 5!


90+ cellars are one of the more interesting wineries on the face of the earth. While most wineries make, bottle, and sell their own products, 90+ does not. Instead, they simply search the globe for wines they dictate are good enough, put the 90+ label on it, and sell it for an affordable price. All wineries make more wine than they can sell, so 90+ purchases some of their extras for a cheap price. 90+ then passes those savings onto the consumers by selling these delicious, well made wines at a fraction of the price one would purchase them from a normal distributer. 90+ wines are great for the wine connoisseur who is on a bit of a budget.

Monsieur Touton

We got these guys straight from the big apple, New York City. Monsieur Touton has been importing wine from over twenty countries since 1983. The winery has been headed by Guillaume Touton for its entirety, who got his start selling wine by knocking on the doors of French restaurants. Selling wine has been in the Touton family for years, as both Touton’s father and grandfather sold wine in France.

Trio Wine Company

Trio Wine Company is a local wine wholesaler. Based in Wareham, Massachusetts, Trio Wine Company sells over 500 global wine and spirits to liquor stores and restaurants state wide. They will be bringing a wide, country-spanning variety of their inventory, so prepare your taste buds for a global delight!

Charles River Wine Company

Another local winery, Charles River Wine Company is based in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and prides itself as a wholesale distributor of fine wines. They are run by Peter Sagansky, and was formed in 2004. Charles River Wine Company assembles a large number of the leading wine producers, making the company a distinctive distributor in the vast world of Massachusetts wine wholesalers. They care so much about their product that all wine comes exclusively in insulated “working refer” trucks to ensure the wines are distributed at an appropriate temperature.

Ideal Wine & Spirits

Ideal Wine & Spirits are one of the premier wine importers this country has to offer. They bring in wines from all over the globe: from France to Italy, Australia to South Africa. Be sure to get a sip of their global taste on December 5.

And that’s all the space we have for this preview. All of the wineries we talked about, and a great amount of others, will be streaming in on December 5, so be sure to clear your calendars now. If you are interested in Julio’s others offerings, check out our website. Also be sure sign up for our newsletter and look at the rest of our blog.

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