The Story of the Famous c IPA

One of our beloved ale providers is Smuttynose. The company was founded in 1994 in New Hampshire, and has since then become one of the region’s finest brands. They have distributed beer in more than half the United States and in locations found it Europe and Asia. Smuttynose IPAs are a light bodied and beautiful golden colored beer which has purposed to remain true to its local roots. It has also remained true to its mission to provide hop lovers with an experience that many other brands cannot offer.

Where Did Smuttynose Come From

One of the most common asked questions is “where did the name Smuttynose come from?” Interestingly, the name “Smuttynose” comes from an island of the same name, which is the third largest of nine islands that form the Isles of Shoals. The Isle of Shoals is a little archipelago located about seven miles off the tough, rocky coast of New Hampshire. No one is certain where the Island got its name. However, some think the great amount of seaweed covering the rugged terrain at one end of the Island reminded an ancient mariner, half-crazed by sun and sea, of the “smutty nose” of a huge sea monster. The unique name has appeared on nautical charts since the 1600s, and has mostly been home to pirates, poets, fisherman, adventurers, and the occasional (rumored) sea monster.

Smuttynose Origins

Back in 1987 Peter & Janet Egelston (siblings) entered a partnership and started a few brewpubs, by 1992, they were full owners of Northhampton Brewery (now the oldest brewpub in New England). In 1993, Peter was the only bidder on a bankruptcy auction of Frank Jones Brewing Company which would become Smuttynose in 1994. In the same year, the first pint of Shoals Pale Ale was poured by Mayor Eileen Foley at a restaurant in downtown Portsmouth, then Bottled Shoals Pale Ale and Old Brown Dog were released.

Smuttynose Pale Ale Review

Smuttynose Pale Ale consistently impresses. Though it has become much sought after (this sometimes reduces to the quality because of the pressure on the brewery to meet demand) it has not let hop lovers down from bottle to bottle and even flavor to flavor. Smuttynose is known for pouring a deep golden color textured by a slight haze and an off-white head. The hops are a citrusy floral, and the tricky romance between aroma and bitterness is handled with near-perfect balance.

Smuttynose IPA Today

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