How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

Taste Wine Like a ProThere is much more to wine tasting than simply taking a sip.

To truly get to know the wine and enjoy it correctly, it is important to learn the steps that the professionals take when tasting wines.

Look at it

The first step is to examine the wine and see the different color changes within the wine. As you tilt the glass to the side, you will be able to see that there is a color difference between the middle and the edges.

Examine its clarity—a dense wine typically indicates that it is a younger wine from a warmer region. As white wine ages, it becomes darker, but red wine gets lighter, turning a more brownish color.

Swirl it

Swirl your wine around in the glass to open it up and allow it to take in oxygen. By allowing in oxygen, aromas get stronger. This will be helpful for when it comes time to smell it. As it swirls through the glass, note the viscosity, which is how slowly it runs back down the side of the glass. The more viscous the wine is, the more alcoholic it may be. It doesn’t have a relation to the wine’s quality, but shows whether or not you have a full-bodied wine.

Sniff it

Hold the glass a few inches away from your nose and bring your face closer to the wine. Take note of the aromas that come to you as you smell. Believe it or not, the smell of the wine affects how one tastes it.

Take a Sip

You should begin by taking a sip and rolling the wine around in your mouth to make sure it gets to every one of your taste buds. Think about the texture of the wine and anything that you can taste. Some things you may taste are sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Pay attention to the different flavors that come to your mouth, and note whether or not you enjoy them.

After you have finished tasting, you can either swallow or spit it out in the spittoon. If you are planning on tasting a lot of wine, it is recommended to not swallow because after a while, it may fog your tasting abilities. Also, if you are driving afterword, you should use the spittoon since it is not safe to drink and drive.

Take a Sip, Again

For a second time, you are going to take a sip of the wine. But, this sip is going to be different from the previous one. Take in some air while taking a sip.Swirl it through your mouth again, making sure that it reaches every taste bud. With this, you will notice subtle flavor and texture differences.


Once you have finished tasting the wine, pay attention to the aftertaste. Ask yourself questions such as how long the aftertaste lasts and whether or not you like the taste.

Write it Down

After you have finished, be sure to record your results. Include notes such as the aromas and flavors, and whether or not you enjoyed it. This will help you keep track of all the wines you are tasting.

When you follow these steps, you’ll be able to taste wine like a professional. This will help you learn what types of wine you like best.

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