The Hot Toddy

A cold, damp, winter evening can be the perfect occasion to enjoy a hot toddy. There are many recipes for this popular warming beverage, and most of them contain some variation of three basic ingredients: whiskey (Scotch, Rye, or Bourbon); hot water; and honey.

Some people use hot tea instead of hot water and may even add lemon or spices for additional flavoring. Hot toddies have historically been used medicinally to reduce some symptoms associated with a cold or flu. There is some scientific evidence that certain symptoms may be relieved by this concoction. The alcohol dilates blood vessels and encourages restorative rest. Steamy, inhaled fumes may unblock nasal passages, while the honey soothes a scratchy throat.

HINT: Like other alcoholic beverages, hot toddies are intended to be consumed responsibly by adults. One hot toddy at bedtime is usually sufficient.

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