The Marietta Cellars Wine Family

For more than 30 years Marietta Cellars has been making bold, flavorful red wines featuring delicious local fruit. Over the past decades Marietta wines have been established as some of the best in the Sonoma area. They are known for their creative blends of different grape varietals and for simultaneously using multiple grape vintages. Though California wines are sometimes overhyped, Marietta Cellars is not one of those.

Marietta Cellars History

The foundation of Marietta Cellars has always been about family. Jake and Scot Bilbro (who now own Marietta Cellars) are the sons of Chris Bilbro who started his wine company in rented cow barn. Chris made his decisions based on what felt right. He believed in trusting his gut. There were no hard and fast rules he followed when making wine.

Wine Blending

One new change in the last few years with Jake and Scot purchasing the winery, they have focused all their efforts on creating wines which are the perfect blend. The Old Vine Red and Cuvée Angeli are hold overs from their father’s days. However, the two new blends, Christo and Armé are made from multiple vintages and continue Marietta’s history of blended excellence. Most wines are made from a single vintage of grape. Marietta has been one of the leaders in blending for years and is planning on remaining there with their new wines.

Wines Overview

Marietta Cellars wines have always maintained good consistency and concentration. While they are complex they are delicious and a pleasure to drink. The vast majority of their fruit is made from their excellent estate vineyards found in the counties of Sonoma and Mendocino. Their distinctive blends can only be in the Marietta Cellars portfolio. You will be hard pressed to find a substitute for these blends. Much like their father Jake and Scot have decided not to follow conventional wisdom and instead use blending as their primary way to create wines which are consistent and high quality.

Reviewing Marietta Cellars’ Wines

Old Vine Red: The modern version of an Old World table wine, the taste is ripe and juicy, with a spicy pepper adding extra richness. Can be enjoyed with or without food.

Christo: This thick, juicy, blueberry, lavender, and flowery wine is filling yet soft. Though it has a level of intensity, it’s more of rich texture than hardness.

Armé: Black currant, cherries, and a smoky create a concentrated flavor to accompany Armé’s rich almost chewy structure. You will enjoy aromas of green olive and black licorice.  

Angeli Cuvée: This rich wine can age for up to 15 years. One of the more storied Marietta Cellars selections, featuring dark berries, graphite, with heights of oak and briar patch.

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