Whiskey Spotlight – Mad River Distillers

In the Green Mountains of Vermont, a grain to glass distillery named Mad River Distillers crafts a selection of whiskey, rum and brandy. Distilled from locally sourced grains and fruit, fair-trade sugar and American oak, Mad River Distillers creates American spirits with unique and delicious favor profiles.

The distillery prides itself on distilling whiskies with character. Their Bourbon whiskey is made from a four-grain wheated mashbill, without the addition of rye. Oats add complexity and roundness to the palate, while the heritage corn make this Bourbon very grain forward on the nose. 92 proof.

“Al’s Pancake Syrup” Bourbon is a special barrel created for the Julio’s Loch and Key Society. A barrel pick of Mad River Bourbon was finished in a whiskey barrel that was seasoned with Vermont maple syrup by Al Wood of Wood’s Vermont Syrup Company in Randolph, Vermont. The maple infusion adds roundness to the palate and a touch of sweetness. 100 proof.

Revolution Rye is 100% rye, including “chocolate rye” from Valley Malt in Hadley, MA, which lends cocoa and coffee notes to the whiskey. This rye whiskey is like no other you’ve tasted and it shines in Manhattans, Sazeracs, and with Amaros. 96 proof. 92 Points, Wine Enthusiast.

Burnt Rock Bourbon is the newest Bourbon from Mad River, and this mash bill is spiced up with maplewood smoked barley. Burnt Rock is 70% corn, like the flagship Bourbon, but the addition of the smoked barley and rye contribute incredible spice and flavor complexity. 92 proof.

Hopscotch Vermont Single Malt Whiskey is a limited release collaboration that starts with beer or wort from a Vermont brewery. After distillation, Hopscotch is aged for at least two years in new charred barrels at the Warren distillery. Just one batch of whiskey is released per year. The 2020 edition of Hopscotch began as Otter Creek Octoberfest beer. The heavy malt of the beer creates a whiskey with full body on the palate and delicate floral notes of hops on the nose. A thoroughly enjoyable sip. 92 proof.

If you find yourself in Vermont, schedule a visit to the distillery in Warren or the shop in downtown Burlington, where tastings and craft cocktails are served. The shop also sells barware, spirits and bitters. Reservations can be made on the website at www.madriverdistillers.com.

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