You Say You Want a Revolution? Revolution Brewing Comes to Julio’s

Do you notice something different? Are your surroundings beginning to look like you are back in 1776? Do you feel as if we are once again on the brink of revolution? Well, very simply, that is because we are: Revolution Brewing has arrived at Julio’s.

Now all cheesy word association aside, getting our hands on some beer from Revolution is legitimately a big deal. Revolution Brewing Company is a premier distribution venue in Chicago: they are actually the largest craft brewery in all of Illinois. So let’s learn a little more about the newest addition to the Julio’s family.

The History of a Revolution

The Revolution began in the summer of 1995, when Josh Deth was hired to clean kegs at Golden Prairie Brewing Company. He was tasked with washing tanks of innovative beers like Maple Stout, Honey Ginger, and Buckwheat Ale. Unfortunately these craft beers were a little ahead of their time, and Golden Prairie went out of business. While working at Golden Prairie, Josh discovered his love of making beer.

Fast forward to 2003 and Josh is the Executive Director of the Logan Square Chamber of Commerce. While promoting local businesses and managing the Logan Square Farmers Market, Josh finds a fascinating old building on Milwaukee Avenue with a beautiful tin ceiling. Josh would file this building away in his memory banks.

All of a sudden Revolution Brewery opened in February 2010, following three years of fundraising, construction, and harassment from the zoning department. The site of this brewery: the very building Josh stumbled upon way back in 2003.

Revolution Comes in Many Flavors

Revolution is one of the most diverse brewing companies in the United States, as they make around 50 different beer styles each year. They have year-round brews as well as very nice seasonal selections. Here are some of their top sellers:


  • Anti-Hero IPA: An Indian Pale Ale that is described as “An American hop assault for all the ambivalent warriors who get the girl in the end,” Anti-Hero IPA has a brilliant copper color and features a blend of four hop varieties which creates a crisp bitterness and imparts massive floral and citrus aromas.
  • Eugene Porter: This is Revolution’s version of a robust porter with a nice warm dash of chocolate malt. It is named after Eugene V. Debs, a union leader of the Pullman Railroad strike in 1894. The chocolate malt makes the beer a deep brown color, while the beer itself tastes of toasted grain and caramel flavors.


  • Oktoberfest: Given the time of year, it is only natural that we highlight Revolution’s Oktoberfest beer. It is a classic German-style malt that is amazingly pleasant to drink. The 2015 version is “Hallertau Gold” which is grown on only one farm in the entirety of Bavaria.
  • Fistmas Ale: This Holiday Ale has a beautiful deep red hue and smells like fresh baked bread, caramel, and stone fruits. It is steeped with ginger root and orange peel to deliver a delicious taste for Christmas time.

So, there is a profile of the new Julio’s Revolution. If you want to try some, or any of our wide variety of alcohol, stop on into Julio’s Liquors in Westborough. We also the Burn Center for all your hot sauce needs and a fantastic smoke shop to boot.

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